Finn’s Forge offers fabrication, welding and ornamental ironwork. Portable stainless tig welding also available

We make:

Finn started working with steel for a blacksmith doing props for the movie The 13th Warrior in 1997 and has created many unique items since. Finn has been a foreman in three steel shops, lead on multiple projects from bidding to install and has years of experience blacksmithing. He has a Civil Engineering Tech background and over 25 years of construction experience.

Our process

Working with home owners and designers

  1. During the initial meeting we get basic measurements and a sense of the design you are looking for (blacksmith or modern, for example). We may do some preliminary sketches right then and there to make sure we have your ideas correct. If you have seen a guardrail anywhere, we can recreate it!
  2. You then decide your finishing options and materials. For finishes you can choose either powder coating or paint. Powder coating is a very fine plastic powder that is electrostatically adhered to the metal and then baked in an oven. It’s a very strong durable product that lasts a long time. It provides a colour and a finish. Painting doesn’t last as long, but is considerably cheaper. Other choices that you make at this time are choosing between steel and aluminum and if you want the handrails/guardrails installed or not.
  3. Drawings, created in AutoCAD, are provided together with the quote free of charge. We can even provide a physical sample of the rail (extra charge applies) .
  4. After a 50% deposit to cover material costs we start making the railings. For an average size project, delivery can be as quickly as 1 week for painted railings or 2-3 weeks for powder coated railings.
  5. Installation is usually quick and painless and can be done within a day. We seal all the holes for the fasteners; hidden fasteners are also possible. After installment the final 50% payment is due. Now you can enjoy your new, safe and beautiful handrail!

Individual blacksmith pieces

We make wall sconces, candle holders, knives, fireplace tools and custom items from your design sample. We strive to recycle old metal as much as possible.

Basic guardrails for commercial properties

If you need your guardrail done quickly, cheaper than competitors and to code, call us. In 20 years we have done literally kilometers of hand rails. For example, we had a two landing staircase (40 feet long total) and 220 feet of guardrail built, painted and installed in three weeks.

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